Shutters are an important part of every home. It’s the great shutters that give a house a good look. However, if you go for poor shutters, your home will be hurt in terms of value and appeal. Choosing the right shutter for your house is not an essay task. However, with proper guidance, you should be able to choose shutters that make your home look beautiful and attractive. But before we start with the process of choosing window shutters, it’s important to understand their existence. For more information about shutters, you can follow the following

Types of Shutters

Basically, exterior window shutters come in types. They include the batten type, louvered type, paneled type and the Bermuda type. It’s also important to understand that these shutters can be made using different materials. Common materials that are used in the production of exterior window shutters include medium density fiber, wood, faux wood, as well as synthetic foam and vinyl. However, the most common material used in the manufacture of wood shutters is the basswood.

Raised Panel shutters

As for the raised panel shutters, they resemble kitchen cabinets and doors. The only difference is that they don’t have a raised panel. They are known to blend with many home styles. Some of the home styles that blend well with raised panel shutters include Victorian, federal, colonial as well as Georgian and Cape Cold. They are also good with the Ranch model, French model as well as the Greek revival.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are also popular nowadays. Unlike other shutters, these shuttles are known contain angled slats. The main aim of these slats is to allow light and air penetration into the house. They are more beautiful compared to the low-key panel shutters. An expert will advise you to have these shutters in your home if you are looking for a classical appearance, ornate appearance or the casual appearance. These shutters are, therefore, suitable with one of the following home models: The Victorian model, Italianate model, Federal and Colonial model as well as the Cape Cod and Greek revival.

Board and Batten

These shutters are commonly abbreviated as BnB. These are shutters that have a simple construction making them have a rustic and old world character. Unlike other shutters that can be used with many home models, these shutters can only be used with the Mediterranean model, Ranch model and the French country model.


This is the last shutter model for exterior windows. They are also commonly referred to as Bermuda shutters. They are very effective in protecting homes against storms. For this reason, they are popular in the tropical regions meaning that they can fit on the Cottage home model, ranch model and the Cape Cod.

Durable shutters

If you don’t want to replace your shutters from time to time, ensure that you choose durable shutters. Shutters made of MDF may look beautiful, and they are also cheap. However, they don’t do well in wet conditions. The problem with the Vinyl shutters is that they become difficult to clean with time. Wood shutters are the best.