After spending tons of money and precious time remodeling and renovating your home’s interior, you wake up one morning to realize that you’ve done nothing about your lawn and garden. The inside of your home is a designer’s dream but your lawn leaves something to be desired. At this point, you may be wondering what you can do now that you’ve spent almost your entire remodeling budget on the inside. Actually, there are several fast and easy ways to beautify your lawn and garden – and best of all, they don’t cost an arm and a leg!


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1. DIY Garden Hose & Planter Box

When you drive up to your home, what do you see? Most homeowners see a garden hose sprawled out or those ugly winders attached to the side of the house. What is aesthetically pleasing about either of those eyesores? You can build a really lovely yet infinitely functional garden hose holder and planter box combo where your hose can be hidden away in a varnished wood box with a planter built into the top.

Why is this a cheap and easy fix? It can be built from a pallet freely available at many locations throughout your town from supermarkets to auto parts stores; many retailers don’t know what to do with all those pallets that just keep stacking up!

2. Colorful Granite Pebbles Landscaping

One of the least expensive ways to landscape those barren areas of your garden is with the use of colorful granite pebbles. As a matter of fact, you can do everything from contouring walkways to building a mound for an outdoor fountain, and everything in between, with granite pebbles landscaping. Some homeowners use them as the base for a succulents garden, which keeps weeds to a minimum while adding natural beauty.

Others use them as a base for garden statuary so that grass and weeds needn’t be pulled every week in the summer. Granite pebbles are easy to spread, inexpensive, and there are amazing natural colors to choose from. Have you considered adding a peaceful and trendy Zen garden to your landscaping? With or without a fountain, granite pebbles are the perfect surface for an authentic Zen appeal.

3. Ambient Solar Lighting

Another idea you might consider is to do away with underground wiring to keep walkways and drives well-lit during evening hours. Solar lighting is ideal for lining walks and drives and can also be used throughout your Zen garden or at strategic locations around the yard. Looking to highlight an especially beautiful shrub or tree? Ambien solar lighting is the perfect solution because LED technology has evolved to such an extent that you can use almost any color of the rainbow you can think of!

Cheap? The cost of installation may be a tad higher than hardwired electric lighting on your grounds, but then you need to factor in the cost of running those lights night after night! That adds up to quite a sum over time. Solar lighting now has battery power to keep them lit throughout the dark hours, only to be recharged as the sun rises again in the east.

With a little help from DIYers around the world, you’ll soon find ways to bring the beauty you’ve created inside to your lawn and garden quickly, easily and without robbing the bank.