Choosing A Quality Care Facility


Choosing a Aged Care Services for a loved one can be one of life’s most difficult decisions. Although the quality of care is the primary concern, there is, unfortunately, usually a financial consideration as well. Most larger cities have an abundance of care homes as well as an abundance of horror stories that have made the news, which exacerbates the dilemma. Check with the state licensing board for care homes to ensure that there have been no complaints or lawsuits against the facility.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria can be helpful in selecting the care home that will best suit the needs of your loved one:

Condition of facility.
Health and physical condition of residents.
Availability of doctors.
Availability of patient records.
Quality and quantity of nursing and attendant staff.

Criteria Details

A care home should be licensed, clean and orderly, but some are not. In addition … Read More

Types of Private Home Care Services

When you want to hire someone who can take care of your loved one at home, you should be well-aware of your loved one’s needs first. Itemize or make a breakdown of services that you need a caregiver to provide and put it on paper to prevent misunderstandings from arising between family members and the care provider. There are so many types of private home care services and you can actually choose which of these would you like to be a part of your caregiver’s tasks. Stated below are just a few of the most common tasks that I can think of.

1. Home Care Services

When your loved one has a medical condition that needs monitoring or has trouble walking due to a broken hip or ankle, medical care can be provided at home by trained professionals. Most of these professionals are occupational therapists, licensed practical nurses or registered … Read More